PROXIMITY: Redefining Geo-Targeting for Advertising

Welcome to the next frontier of precision advertising – PROXIMITY. In an era where every digital interaction matters, PROXIMITY stands as a beacon of innovation, offering marketers a transformative approach to geo-targeting and footfall attribution. This cutting-edge tool redefines the way we connect with our audience, bringing location-based accuracy to the forefront of marketing strategies.

Importance of Location in Digital Advertising

Location isn't just a point on a map; it's the heartbeat of effective digital advertising. As consumer behaviors continue to evolve, the relevance of location in delivering targeted and impactful messages has become paramount. Whether it's engaging local communities or making a global impact, the significance of where your audience is cannot be overstated.

What is Advanced Geo Targeting?

Before we dive into advanced geo targeting, let's first understand what geo targeting is. Geo targeting is the practice of delivering targeted advertisements to a specific geographic location. This can be done through various methods, such as IP addresses, GPS data, or zip codes.

Geo targeting allows businesses to reach their desired audience in a specific location, making their marketing efforts more effective and efficient. For example, a local restaurant can use geo targeting to reach potential customers within a certain radius of their location.

Advanced Geo Targeting

Advanced geo targeting takes this concept a step further by using more advanced technology and data to target specific audiences. This includes using data from mobile devices, social media, and other online platforms to pinpoint the exact location of a user.

With advanced geo targeting, businesses can target audiences based on their real-time location, interests, and behaviors. This allows for more precise and effective targeting, resulting in higher conversion rates and a better return on investment (ROI).

How PROXIMITY Empowers Marketers Through Advanced Geo-Targeting

PROXIMITY empowers marketers with an arsenal of advanced geo-targeting features that redefine the rules of engagement. By seamlessly integrating precision, customization, and insightful analytics, PROXIMITY enables marketers to transcend traditional boundaries and create campaigns that resonate with audiences in the right place at the right time. In this blog, we'll delve into the key features that make PROXIMITY the catalyst for a new era in digital advertising.

Key Features of PROXIMITY

Defining Custom Geofences

Picture this – the ability to draw virtual boundaries around areas that matter most to your audience. With PROXIMITY's custom polygonal geofences for real-time geofencing and competitive conquesting, you can target those who have been seen in or around your store up to 13 months ago.

Comprehensive Reporting

No matter if you’re a single store or a nationwide franchise, PROXIMITY gives you granular insights tailored to your unique needs. PROXIMITY scales and reports on each individual location, detailing conversion metrics, optimization recommendations, and retargeting tactics. Compare performance across locations, identify regional trends, and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Ensuring Targeted Messaging Hits Home

Zoom in on your audience, delivering messages that resonate. Show your audience location relevant messages in your creatives. With targeted messaging, your content speaks directly to the right people, creating meaningful, relevant connections that stand out in the digital noise.

Local Ad Messaging

PROXIMITY empowers you to craft dynamic campaigns that move with your audience in real-time. Whether they're exploring a new neighborhood or attending an event, your messages adapt, staying relevant and engaging throughout their journey.

Robust Footfall Attribution

Success isn't just about online clicks; it's about real-world footsteps. PROXIMITY introduces footfall attribution, bridging the gap between digital efforts and physical impact. Understand how your online engagement translates into real-world visits, painting a more complete picture of your campaign's effectiveness.

Insights into Real-World Engagement

PROXIMITY's footfall attribution provides insights into tangible, real-world actions. See how your digital efforts influence consumer behavior in the physical realm, gaining a deeper understanding of your campaign's success through omni-channel attribution. Track campaign effectiveness across most media delivery channels, gaining a comprehensive view of your marketing impact.

Platform Agnostic 

Deliver your campaigns seamlessly across multiple DSPs, empowering you to choose the tools that best align with your unique strategies. No longer are you confined to a single ecosystem. With PROXIMITY, you have the freedom to mix and match, optimizing your reach and ensuring your message reaches the right audience exactly where they are.

Data Confidence: Trustworthy Targeting at Your Fingertips

Benefit from Klever Programmatic's commitment to data transparency and hygiene, including predictive data cleansing to reduce false positives and ensure reliable insights.

PROXIMITY stands apart by prioritizing data integrity and transparency:

  • Industry-Leading Data Validation: Our location data is validated by prominent authorities like Comscore, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and reliability.
  • Multiple Data Sources for Comprehensive Insights: Unlike competitors who rely solely on bid stream data, PROXIMITY leverages multiple signal sources from market-leading app networks, ensuring industry-leading accuracy validated by Comscore. This approach ensures a richer understanding of audience behavior and more accurate targeting.

Advantages of PROXIMITY Over Google Ads

In a landscape dominated by digital giants, PROXIMITY emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering distinct advantages over conventional platforms like Google Ads. Here's why PROXIMITY stands out:

Precision Tailoring Beyond Keywords

PROXIMITY goes beyond the conventional keyword-centric approach of Google Ads. While Google relies heavily on search intent through keywords, PROXIMITY harnesses the power of location, allowing you to tailor messages based on physical context. This means your campaigns are not just about what users are searching for but where they are, providing a more nuanced and targeted approach.

Real-Time Adaptability for Dynamic Campaigns

While Google Ads allows for dynamic ad content, PROXIMITY takes it a step further. Our platform enables real-time adaptability based on the physical movements of your audience. Craft campaigns that resonate in the moment, responding dynamically to your audience's real-world behavior, and ensuring your messages remain relevant and engaging throughout their journey.

Comprehensive Footfall Attribution for Tangible Results

Unlike Google Ads, which primarily focuses on online metrics, PROXIMITY introduces robust footfall attribution. Understand not just online interactions but how your digital efforts drive real-world engagement. Measure the physical impact of your campaigns, providing a comprehensive view of success that goes beyond clicks and views.

Optimized Budget Allocation for Maximum Impact

PROXIMITY stands out in budget optimization by offering precision in allocating resources. While Google Ads allows for targeting based on user behavior and interests, PROXIMITY takes it a step further, allowing you to allocate your budget with surgical precision, reaching the right audience in high-impact locations. Minimize waste and maximize results by concentrating efforts where they matter most.

Tailored Solutions for Varied Business Objectives

Whether you're a local business aiming to boost in-store visits or a global brand seeking localized engagement, our platform adapts to your unique needs. Customize your campaigns to align with specific business objectives, ensuring that your marketing efforts are in sync with your overarching strategy.

Advanced Geo-Targeting: PROXIMITY

In a world where personalization and location-based precision are paramount, PROXIMITY stands tall, offering advantages that go beyond the capabilities of traditional platforms. Elevate your advertising strategy with PROXIMITY and experience the transformative power of location-focused precision.

Contact us today and step into the future of precision advertising with PROXIMITY. Elevate your marketing, resonate with the right audience, and bring your brand closer, both online and offline.

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