Watch Your Audience Walk Through Your Door

An industry leading multi-location solution.


Geo-Targeting Redefined

In a world where every interaction matters, Klever Programmatic empowers you to redefine geo-targeting and achieve unparalleled marketing success with PROXIMITY.

target. track. scale.

Unrivaled Accuracy

Harness the power of multiple signal sources from market-leading app networks, ensuring industry-leading accuracy validated by Comscore.

real time geo-Targeting, Unmatched Flexibility

Define custom polygonal geofences for real-time geofencing and competitive conquesting, targeting those who have been seen in or around your store up to 13 months ago.

Platform Agnostic for Effortless Integration

Deliver campaigns seamlessly across multiple DSPs, maximizing reach and flexibility.

robust Footfall Attribution for Tangible Insights

Measure the true impact of your campaigns with robust footfall attribution, understanding how online efforts translate into real-world visits.

Data Integrity You Can Trust

Benefit from Klever Programmatic's commitment to data transparency and hygiene, including predictive data cleansing to reduce false positives and ensure reliable insights.

Omnichannel Attribution for Holistic Measurement

Track campaign effectiveness across most media delivery channels, gaining a comprehensive view of your marketing impact.

Comprehensive Reporting

No matter if you’re a single store or a nationwide franchise, PROXIMITY gives you granular insights tailored to your unique needs. PROXIMITY scales and reports on each individual location, detailing conversion metrics and optimization recommendations. Compare performance across locations, identify regional trends, and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Don't just advertise. Attract.

We go beyond providing tools—we're your strategic partner in unlocking the potential of location-based marketing. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you:

Optimize campaign frequency for ideal exposure, leading to increased store visits.

Identify the most effective times and dates to reach your target audience.

Transform static ads into immersive experiences with location-aware messaging.

Measure and analyze campaign results to continuously refine your strategy.

Elevate your marketing with PROXIMITY.

Contact Klever Programmatic today to experience the power of PROXIMITY and bring your brand closer to your audience, both online and offline.

Together, we'll elevate your marketing precision and deliver results that matter.

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