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Let's Make Programmatic

Work for You

About Klever

Programmatic Space: The Final Frontier.

Klever’s mission? To make programmatic work for your agency. To seek out the newest technologies, the finest data sets and run the best campaigns. To boldly go where your advertising has never gone before.

Our Approach:

Frustrated by many ad tech companies’ overhyped jargon and underwhelming campaign results, their failure to adapt, listen, and tailor their approach to their clients – to YOU – two digital advertising industry veterans envisioned a better way. A Klever(er) way, if you will.


Our code is simple:


The truth, and nothing
but the truth:
a pragmatic, straightforward approach to your campaign means you can trust that we’ll deliver on our promises.  


Whatever it takes! Your traders will spend as much time and energy as needed to ensure you are 100% happy with your campaign.


A team mindset: think of us as an extension of your team, never further than a click away (slack, zoom, or snowshoes).

Your Traders

Meet The A-Team

You’ll have the finest traders in the business working with you, people who live and breathe programmatic. Klever stays on top of all the newest techs, data tools, bidding algorithms, and cookieless products in order to serve, target, and optimize your campaign performance.

The fate of your campaign will never be left to chance. 

Why I Love Programmatic
Defining KPIs in Programmatic
Media Solutions

How Does It Work?



Run performance for all media types, from standard IAB and rich media, to video and CTV. Our traders thrive on taking the toughest campaigns and delivering results that redefine your success. 



This fast-expanding technology ensures you receive actionable insights, transparent reporting, and frequency capping across all channels, on a single platform.



Connected TV is the fastest growing media channel in North America, allowing you to target, measure and retarget TV-viewing households. You will be advised on CTV, its characteristics and challenges, and on how to make it work for you.


The Klever Bid Factor

An ad group with high expressiveness has more ways of bidding on an impression than a group with lower expressiveness. The higher the bid factor, the greater your optimization. 



Thanks to years of experience working with local businesses, you’ll benefit from an unrivalled expertise in geolocation targeting.



Video, Native, and DOOH, or proximity targeting, foot traffic measurement, temperature targeting, and cross-device targeting… nothing is off-limits.

Our Unique Proposition

Not To Brag, But...


Founded around traders

Your trader will do the set-up, run the campaign, optimize, report and also be your account manager.


Klever is no one-trick pony

We cross-pollinate our learnings across channels, testing new data sets every day to ensure we dominate across all media fields.



We will work with dynamic CPM to ensure your campaigns always reach your objective.


No gambling! 

With our 48-hour Get Out clause, you needn’t worry about getting trapped in a loveless, long-term commitment.


Best in the market

Our traders have 30 years of combined experience trading digital media, and the highest expressiveness score in the industry; Klever also has one of the highest performance and retention rates.  


Many brains are better than one 

No matter the campaign size, we approach each one as a team, pooling resources to deliver work of the highest standard.


Meet Our Founders


Founder and former CEO Acquisioa leading paid search management platform with $2B under management for hundreds of agency clients. Marc established an early stage partnership with one of the leading DSPs to offer programmatic advertising solutions to Acquisio's agency customers. He was also one of the first evangelists of programmatic to the PPC community


Marc Poirier

Former COO Captify, Europe's largest independent ad tech company. Managed sales, publisher & data solutions and operations globally. Established Captify as one of the leading ad tech companies in the UK, Europe and the US.


Vincent Potier
Data Privacy

The GDPR has changed everything


Digital data has never been more complex than it is today.


Data protection regulations, FLoCs, Privacy Sandbox, turtledove, and gnatcatcher, then throw in DMPs, clean rooms, data bunkers, and more, and you’re still only scratching the surface of what ad tech is.

The implementation of GDPR in May 2018 forever transformed the advertising tech ecosystem. Gone were the days of data free-for-all; anonymous cookies became personal data, which could no longer be collected en masse. Data protection principles rule supreme, and international transfers are monitored.

Shortly after GDPR came CCPA, closely followed by LGPD, then PDPA, APPI, CPRA, CDPA… data protection legislation was sweeping through the world economy, and everything changed.

Want to understand what’s going on? What it all means, and where it’s going? What it means for you and what you can do with your data? There’s one industry specialist you can always turn to: ask Klever.


Klever Talks

Klever Talks is our effort to share what we think and know about some of the issues and opportunities programmatic advertisers are facing today. You can find us here, and on our YouTube Channel.