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A commitment to sustainable advertising.

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Klever Green Labs is our commitment to providing clients with results driven ad delivery through sustainable strategies.

Traditionally, clients and consumers connect “digital” to “green,” but digital advertising, specifically programmatic advertising, inherently consumes large amounts of energy, leading to greenhouse gas emissions that harm our environment.

We’ve set out to change that.

how does klever green labs work?

By reducing excessive and unnecessary use of Artificial Intelligence and associated computational power, Klever Green Labs prioritizes people and the planet. We empower our clients to make a positive difference through their advertising campaigns.

By employing Sustainable Ads® through Klever Green Labs, you reduce the computational power behind your ads, reaching a hyper-targeted audience. This targeting increases ad relevancy to your consumers and supports conversions.

The Newest Metric: Emissions Data

Emissions data has become an additional performance metric in the advertising industry. The first step to reducing emissions is measuring and understanding your own footprint. By utilizing a methodology that powers a robust and detailed emissions model, we provide you with an estimation of the carbon footprint of each ad impression across digital channels.

Why are Sustainable Ads® important for my business?

By choosing Sustainable Ads®, you prioritize better performance and a better planet. The rapid explosion of the programmatic ecosystem led to an equal surge in carbon emissions generated by the advertising industry.

Scope3 estimates that the United States, Australia, France, Germany and Britain alone produce 215,000 metric tonnes of C02 per month from programmatic advertising.

215,000 metric tonnes of CO2 produced per month in 5 countries alone.

How do Sustainable Ads® work?

Sustainable Ads® work by integrating with digital media platforms that brands and agencies use to purchase advertising space.


Sustainable Ads® integrate with a growing list of Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) used in the adtech industry. These DSPs serve as the gateways for brands and agencies to buy digital media inventory.

Climate Risk Segmentation

Sustainable Ads® utilize the activated Scope3 emissions data to segment ad inventory based on its climate risk. High emissions ad inventory, which contributes significantly to carbon emissions, is identified and categorized as climate risk.

Scope3 Emissions Data Activation

Once integrated, Sustainable Ads® enable the activation of Scope3 emissions data. Scope3 emissions encompass the indirect greenhouse gas emissions associated with a company’s value chain, including activities like manufacturing, transportation, and usage of products or services. By accessing Scope3 emissions data, Klever Green Labs provides insights into the carbon footprint associated with different advertising inventory.

Automatic Blocking

With the segments established, Sustainable Ads® offer an always-on capability to automatically block the high emissions ad inventory considered to pose a climate risk. This means that whenever brands and agencies purchase digital media through the integrated DSPs, Klever Green Labs ensures that advertisements with high emissions are prevented from being displayed.

It's Our Responsibility

Businesses like yours are stepping up and taking responsibility by finding better, more sustainable ways to operate.

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